Solaris 8/9 HCL Private Edition

Table of Contents

Single Processor Systems

Vendor Model reported by
DELL Dimension XPS T450 RogueLife.org
PowerEdge 1300 RogueLife.org
PowerEdge 1400 RogueLife.org
FUJITSUFMV-6933SL6 RogueLife.org
PanasonicTOUGHBOOK R1P RogueLife.org
PORTÉGÉ 3480CT RogueLife.org


Vendor Model reported by
AMD Duron (800MHz) Combat Funamoto

Mother Board

Vendor Model reported by
Iwill KK-266 (VIA KT133A) Combat Funamoto

Network Adapters

Vendor Name/Model reported by
3Com 3Com EtherLink (3C905C) RogueLife.org
3Com/Megahertz 10Mbps LAN (3CXE589ET) *1 RogueLife.org
*1) Add `force-8bit=1;' line in /kernel/drv/pcelx.conf .

USB Mouse

Vendor Name/Model reported by
Sanwa Supply Opt e-mouse (MA-EMOUPS) RogueLife.org

Video Display Devices

Vendor Model Bus Video Chip Resolution and Color Depth
800x 600 1024x 768 1280x1024
8 16 24 8 16 24 8 16 24
ATI RAGE IIC AGP integrated PCI [x]     [x]          
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